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GREAT intro to psyops! This is how we got to where we are, with perverse justice abounding and all that is against humanity. They've psyoped people to believe and embrace the very things that will destroy them. Only God can get us out of this mind-mess we're living in. Nothing can withstand Truth! Looking forward to more of this. This is why I followed you, here and on X and Telegram. God bless and God speed, Ron!

P.S. Satan is the great psyop artist, duping nations ignorant of Truth. Let us return to the Author of Truth and enjoy living again.

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Comment from a patriotic friend, PhD in nuclear physics:

"Excellent essay, Mike, thanks for sharing. This is exactly what the high-tech fascists and their Democrat overlords are doing to gaslight Americans with "Bidenomics", steal elections before they are held, and destroy every concept of normalcy the human race have held for eternity -- especially the concepts of two genders, justice, good and evil, Gd, family, and country."

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